Waking Up to Unlimited Abundance after a Mild Stroke



Waking up to unlimited abundance after a mild stroke would be the best description of my healing journey now. At first glance, experiencing a mild stroke on my birthday seemed to be the end of the road of living a life of abundance. My initial thoughts were of fear – tremendous fear and worry and anger and frustration. I knew the alphabet, my name, my birthday, but I could not complete a sentence and stuttered along the way with words that came out wrong. Why now? Why on my birthday? Why after I published my first book?

Questions snowballed into an avalanche of negativity. When I realized I could not properly utter words due to the mild stroke, negative thoughts rushed about. What will happen now with my projects? How will I direct? How can I go about my motivational talks and my workshops? How will I pay my bills if I can no longer work? How will I help my brother with dialysis?

It was fortunate that Michelle, co-author of this site and my co-trainer in various workshops, was present when I had the mild stroke. She was able to calm my spirit by giving me a healing session before we went to the hospital. Later, our Bio-Integrative doctor affirmed that Michelle’s energy healing prevented any other sort of paralysis in other parts of my body and that my speech would soon come back. With my knowledge in the power of energy and Neuroplasticity, I knew all with go back to normal in time. Thank you dear Michelle for being the angel of life as you coursed God’s love unto my spirit.

However, I still had to work on the area of understanding the cause of the mild stroke. What triggered it anyway? I seemed to have been doing the things that would help me have a healthy lifestyle. Why did the mild stroke occur anyway?

On the early days of my recuperation I focused on doing healing codes, listened to brainwave entrainment audio materials, conducted speech therapy daily, did yoga and meditation and shared my concerns with Michelle and Jess my brother, as best as I could with whatever words I could utter. Soon the trigger point of my mild stroke was revealed. Apparently, in my desire to finish my book and publish it on time to celebrate my 51st birthday, many stressors arouse. Allow me to present them here:

• The issues I tackled in my book, How I Turned a Punishing God into One Madly in Love with Me, brought into my consciousness all the hurt, pain, anguish, and anger I felt through my growing years. All the stored memories in my subconscious mind came up and my body automatically responded the way I did in the past. The cells in my body had to deal with all the negative energy that came with the memories.

• No wonder then, that I cried a lot in the course of writing the book. Two months of dealing with negative energies stored in the body was already taking a toll in my physical self.

• During the writing stage, I was also dealing with a sensitive case happening within the clan which put me in the middle of the situation. I believe I picked up whatever negativity was being thrown around with the condition.

• At the same time, I was working on a musical production which was set to go on tour two months after my birthday.

• I also learned that a few of our very close online friends abroad were facing health issues which worried me and Michelle and thus we began to schedule regular prayer times for our dear friends abroad.

• I was finally able to launch the Kindle Edition of my book a few days before my birthday. Just enough time to promote it and celebrate the launching of the book online with friends and family as a gratitude gift to God. Unfortunately, two incidents happened which caused me to feel the pain of rejection. It was the kind of rejection that I dealt in my book. It was the kind of rejection that made me feel like I was not good enough for God.

• The rejection came from the very people that I thought would understand my journey of shifting from believing of a Punishing God to that of a Loving God.

• One came from a priest who served as my counselor during a personal crisis several years past. He was excited to know that I was writing a book and urged me to tell him once the Kindle edition was available because he was a Kindle reader. Hence, when the time came, I confidently, posted on his Facebook wall a promotional video of my kindle launching. Since I never got any feedback on the day of the posting, I checked on the post on his wall if he commented on the link. Sad to say, he seemed to have removed the link and then a few hours later, I found out he closed his FB account. You see, as I tried to email him, Facebook announced that no account is associated with this name. Ouch! And yes, until this time of writing I have not yet received any message from him.

• The other was the fact that not one of my so called friends from the local Christian community I was associated with bothered to be joyful about the book. Although I had the suspicion they did not give any feedback because of the same reason my priest counselor have not communicated with me. I believe my strong message about the non-existence of a Punishing God was too radical to even comment about it and they too feared the implication of such a thought.

All the above stressors induced the increase of my sugar level causing my blood pressure to go on overdrive which resulted in the mild stroke. I never knew I had diabetes hence, with all the negative energy I was dealing with — my body called for attention.

Realizing how the negative energies stored in my cells affected how I responded to the present circumstance I was facing, I began to feed myself with the appropriate positive thoughts to re-train my automatic responses with new healthy loving abundance thoughts.

Soon, I was able to uncover the unlimited abundance hidden from my view because of the negative thoughts that prevailed during the launching of my book. The following are some of the “hidden” unlimited abundance uncovered after my mild stroke:

Waking up to the Abundance of Courage. Deciding to publish a “controversial” book which tackled sensitive issues and having to deal with rejection increased my courage and added value to my decision to believe in a Loving God seeing it as the best choice I have made in my life to boost healing my inner child.

Waking up to the Abundance of Determination. The choice to believe in a Loving God need not have approval from fellowmen who are not yet ready to accept a Loving God. However, it would serve as the inspiration to go on with my efforts to keep on campaigning for the existence of a Loving God.

Waking up to the Abundance of Compassion. Understanding the predicament of those who are not ready to accept the existence of a Loving God is the best time for me to practice unconditional love—- loving without limits, loving without expectations, loving without pressure, loving without boundaries, loving without manipulation, loving without fear —- the very kind of love that God abundantly gives me and all of mankind.

Waking up to the Abundance of Love. An overflowing show of love poured upon me after my mild stroke through email, Facebook comments, personal visits, and the like. All these love coming from family, relatives, close friends, schoolmates, batch mates, trainees, students, mentors, teachers, clients and online friends and acquaintances. God was sure I was able to see His love through all these beautiful beings.

Waking up to the Abundance of Kindness. My mild stroke revealed how many people were actually concerned of my welfare and expressed their love through prayers, encouraging words, loving energies, emotional support and spiritual guidance. The video below is a one of the many expressions of kindness accorded me during my hour of need. Members of the musical I was directing came with a special song. I shed tears of joy and expressed myself verbally no matter how incoherent I may have been. I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you Jude for composing such an amazing song and thank you dear Siddhartha family for interpreting the song with much love and gratitude and all BLIA Officers and chapter adviser of the Fo Guang Shan Chu’ Un Temple who came to give me tremendous support. I am forever grateful.

Cast and Crew of Siddhartha musical rendering a song composed by Jude Gitamondoc
during their visit to the hospital. Thanks Benjie for taking the video. An abundance of love and gratitude shared that day.


Waking up to the Abundance of Generosity. I would not have been able to afford medical needs for my brother and myself and our monthly expenditures during my stage of recuperation were not for the amazing generosity displayed by family, relatives, friends abroad and online friends from foreign countries. They all pitched in to support me when I could not work and gave me financial assistance, medical supplies, food supply and so much more. Even until now Michelle and Beckie Sanchez, my childhood classmate and close friend and her anonymous “angels” send me love offerings. My heart overflows with gratitude and appreciation of such a display of God’s endless provision. Thank you family and friends for being God’s inspiration of abundant resources.

Waking up to the Abundance of Non-Judgment. My mild stroke allowed me to see expressions of God’s love in all circumstances without judging it to be wrong or right but rather simply accepting things as they are and move on.

Waking up to the Abundance of Manifesting Dreams. My mild stroke encouraged me to act on my dreams which I have longed delayed and now am now receiving the fruits of my action.

Waking up to the Abundance of Endless Opportunities. My mild stroke has allowed me to open myself to more endless opportunities to appreciate life, enjoy life and heal as I do so.

This article can never contain enough of all the loving abundance uncovered after my mild stroke but it is my hope that my sharing will be able to help readers to discover more unlimited abundance hidden within their respective lives.

At this point I could confidently declare that waking up to unlimited abundance begins with one step –appreciating the presence of life in your soul breathing God’s love. Believe it, God’s loving unlimited abundance is always present and all we have to do is recognize them with an open mind and tender heart. No illness of any sort will prevent God’s love to prevail and heal those who seek His assistance.

Loving God wants us all to claim the hidden unlimited abundance He generously offers to all. Claim it now.

Love and Light

Daisy Ba-ad



Daisy Ba-ad

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8 Responses to Waking Up to Unlimited Abundance after a Mild Stroke

  1. Toney says:

    It is that very abundance of love in our hearts that heals us, body and soul… We love you Ms Daisy, you are like a speckle light that illuminates all corners in our hearts and wakes us up into boundless gratitude… God and all the universe bless you!!!!!

  2. JIMMY QUIMPO says:

    Your kind words and humility are a living testimony of HIS abundant love for mankind. May the Almighty Father completely heal you and use you more to heal and save more souls.

  3. Daisy, I say this with all my heart, you are a true inspiration for me! As I deal with my own challenges you are a role model for the journey of continuing wholeness between mind, body and spirit. I found dissapointments also with the publishing of my book and the sudden hearing loss, but in retrospect I realize we are all where we are in conciousness. None of us can make anyone be anything other than what they are – as it’s our journey. I had to learn to let go of attachments and fears. The negatives were thankfully minor (but not easy!) compared to the support of those who are in the frequency of an open heart and who embraced me with an outpouring of unconditional love and encouragement with my endeavors. :) I am delighted that unconditional love is part of your experience too. Thanks for sharing this. Hugs~

  4. Shirley says:

    Hi, Daisy!

    I’m very happy that you are recovering so well from your stroke! It saddened me to learn from Lisa that you’d been ill.

    As you likely know, I was in the hospital from January to June and am still recovering, as well. When I got home, Lisa asked me how I was going to recreate myself because, like you, I’ve had to start over on all levels. And like you, I wondered about the timing and the message within the sudden, surprise illness. I think your list of hidden abundances covers the things that we sometimes overlook during normal daily life…until something draws our attention to them.

    I now notice the little things that I took for granted before, like being able to breathe, walk, use my hands, etc. I’ve learned a new appreciation and respect for how profoundly amazing and supportive our physical bodies are. Mine put up with a lot from me, especially stress-related, before it threw up its hands and got my attention the only way that it could. I regret not listening sooner, yet there must be meaning in things happening the way that they did. I have to believe that about myself and about what happened to you.

    You mentioned that your stroke awoke in you the extra encouragement to follow delayed dreams. That would be one of my greatest wishes for you, dear Daisy. To realize a long held dream is a very wonderful, exciting thing and it will thrill me to learn that you’ve had the chance to fulfill at least the ones that are most important to you. And please, if I can help with any of them, let me know. :-)

    Love & Light,

    P.S. Love the video, the song is pretty and the support from your friends is very touching.

  5. Loving Abundance says:

    Hi Toney,
    Thank you dear Toney Nightingale Fiddler. You have always shown your strength amidst your own challenges. Thank you for being a great student, protege and teacher. May God continue to shine on you and your chosen career. Blessings:)


  6. Loving Abundance says:

    Hi Jimmy,
    Thank you Jimmy for your beautiful expression of God’s love and support. You have affirmed my move to continue with the task of my circumstance to better reflect Loving God’s power.

  7. Loving Abundance says:

    Marie dear one, yes indeed, unconditional love has been the area I have wanting to experience and understand fully. I believe we are all into the same place of seeking that particular concept. Living and loving without judgment rather accepting things as they are and make all circumstances as stepping stone to fully comprehend Loving God’s amazing boundless and endless love.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful spirit and wonderful light in my own journey to healing. The loving energy you send me and your financial assistance has been God’s expression of His abundant provision in all areas of life. My gratitude and appreciation for allowing yourself to be an instrument of the laws of the universe. I am humbled and honored to be in your beautiful presence.

    Blessings always and in all ways,

  8. Loving Abundance says:

    Oh Dear Shirley,

    I do not enough words to describe to you the joy of finding out you wrote on this article. I have longed to know how you were and how things have been in your own journey to healing. Yes, I shed tears of joy, gratitude, and love knowing you could communicate again. Thank you for Lisa for serving as the link to knowing your situation in the early part of your healing journey.

    I know our circle of online friends who are experiencing physical challenges are part of our connection. We are all part of this journey of something beautiful — a transition to a higher plain of understanding. We may not be able to fully understand the depth of experience that our respective spirits wish to attain in this lifetime but I am confident that soon it will be revealed to us in our respective moments.

    I am still amazed at how this “holy connection” we have with Dottie, Marie, Susan and Michelle is moving. I am excited about our respective healing love journey.

    I pray that we come together in a conference skype activity of some sort soon and just hang out – see each other and use the texting features to communicate with each other on real time. This way Marie can actively participate and at the same time avoid delay on internet connection due to audio settings. I’m rattling on but I guess the thought of it happening excites me.

    Oh yes, I shall email you our plans to have another book soon. In the meantime, let’s keep enjoying life and the brilliant light that shines on the holy circle of friends.

    Hugs dear Shirley. Know that you are loved dearly.


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