Party Ideas on a Budget

party-ideas-budget-abundanceIs it possible to plan your  parties and other special events on a budget and yet have the greatest time ever? Of course it is! Well, to embark on this journey you need to bring with you the following in your back pack: a large amount of imagination, creativity and excitement to carry out the plan. There is no room for complaints.

(Oh no, hard work?), misery (life is difficult, woe is me) and envy (I want what they have – comfort and style). So get rid of those right away.

This plan is perfect for family gatherings, school or company events, college students get-togethers, teenagers night-out and even children’s parties.

party ideas abundance

Friendship Around the World Theme

A wonderful team can work wonders. You need a group of  willing and enthusiastic individuals to organize the entire event. The team will need to brainstorm, plan and discuss all the necessary details. In our case, our preschool teachers and staff comprise our working team.

This is a very important step. Come up with a budget because everything that follows after this would depend on how much the group can afford.

Every time we budget, we prioritize. For instance, we put more weight on things like prizes and gift packs which the teachers can bring home. We cut cost on renting a venue and use whatever place we have available for free.

party ideas abundance

Wacky Theme

If you have a bigger budget, you can propose other venues to hold your party. It can be in a function room of a hotel, a beach resort or restaurant. But if budget is tight, don’t be dismayed. Use whatever place you have available. Yes, it can be in somebody’s backyard or a house, the school premises, classroom, or office.

Now here is where things get thrilling. Present all the party themes you can think of. Suggestions should be welcomed. Voting can then follow. For a small group like ours, we let everyone vote. For a larger group, the working committee can vote.


Fairy Tale Theme

Here are some great party themes that we have used. Feel free to modify it to suit your group or come up with your own.

  1. Pajama Party
  2. Kids Day Out
  3. Royal Ball
  4. Hoodlums
  5. Wacky and Weird
  6. Hawaiian Luau
  7. Friends Around the World
  8. Fun with Masks
  9. Silly Hats
  10. Hip Hop Halloween
  11. Barrio Fiesta
  12. Pirates and Gypsies
  13. Superheroes
  14. Zen is In
  15. Go Oriental
  16. Seventies
  17. Painted Faces
  18. Under the Sea
  19. Bible Friends
  20. Creatures from Outer Space


Pajama Party Theme abundance

Pajama Party Theme

Transform your everyday, ordinary looking room into a completely different one. For instance, for pajama day, we laid out mats all over the floor, placed pillows and blankets and small lamps in every corner, creating a totally different ambiance to our classroom. For wacky and weird, a hodge podge of stuff was placed on the walls. Barrio Fiesta is a common celebration in the Philippines where we hang “banderitas” and decorated the room with huge  coconut leaves. Use your imagination and creativity. We didn’t spend much because we used recyclable materials, colored and Japanese papers and “borrowed” things to complete the picture. Often times, we will end up amazed at the transformation after the decorating work is accomplished.


children's party abundance

Children's Party Theme

There are plenty of ideas for games and activities. The important thing is to match the games with your theme. For instance, in the theme “Kids Day Out,” we had games that we used to play in our childhood.. We also had “Tell a Story” on Pajama Day. Superheroes got to play a relay where they save the poor maiden from drowning, the Pirates danced with the Gypsies with an apple on their heads, while we searched for Nemo amongst the paper made shells.

Of course, we also gave out a special prize for the best in costume or for the Silly Hats theme, the silliest hat that was worn.

party ideas abundance

Silly Hat Theme

The food and drink menu will have to depend on the age group. The kids will entirely have a different one from those of the adults. Some food can be prepared already in buffet style or you can make it a part of the activity where you all prepare food. This is plausible if you only have a small group. Suggested food for certain themes are Chinese Food for Go Oriental theme; grilled barbecue, hotdogs, pineapples, fresh coconut drinks for Hawaiian Luau;
assorted food for Friends Around the World.


Hawaiian Luau Theme party ideas abundance

Hawaiian Luau Theme

To complete the plan, everyone who is invited must come in costumes. We have always managed to be innovative and come up with costumes that are inexpensive. If not, you could always borrow or mix and match. .

Most of all, put a smile in your heart by deciding to enjoy your simple celebration. That will spell all the difference in the world.

If you need more ideas then learn more in THEME PARTY SECRETS REVEALED

michelle simtoco

By: Michelle Simtoco

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