Openness in Manifesting Abundance with Endless Possibilities

Making this video taught me one important thing.  In manifesting abundance, openness is the secret for things to happen in your life.

manifesting-abundanceBelieve it or not, I’ve always been a scaredy cat.  I’d rather stay in the background than stay in front and strut.  But for the life of me, I couldn’t quite understand why I always ended being in front anyway.  So when Daisy said those words again, “Are you ready for a video shoot tomorrow?’  I happily announced, “I have a sore throat. I still have a bad cough. See…”  I coughed loudly for good measure.

Daisy raised her eyebrows.  I felt guilty for exaggerating my illness and added lamely, “Maybe I’ll be better tomorrow.”

Tomorrow arrived and I found myself saying “Okay, let’s do a video shoot. Can I just not talk?”  I found myself coughing and I wasn’t faking it.  So we did the shoot and when it was over, I discovered it went better than I expected.

At this point, Daisy and I are inviting you to watch the Endless Possibilities video.


To manifest abundance, you need openness to accept what is.

I am sometimes resistant to do things without proper planning. The whole shoot was done spontaneously.  Daisy just gave me a brief overview of what we were going to do and the rest was anything goes!  I had to be open enough to accept the situation.

Reflection: Are you open to accept what is?  What is your response when something happens that is beyond your control?

To manifest abundance, you need openness to allow yourself to go with the flow.

The keyword here is allowing yourself.  I confess there are moments in my life when I do not allow myself to do things.  When fears or doubts sneak in the corridors of my mind, I would really choose to run away from the situation.  This time I allowed myself to face my fear and went with the flow.  Surprisingly, it went well.

Secondly, you need to be open enough to respond positively to a given situation.  I could have easily chosen to make the shoot difficult by being difficult.  I could have chosen to sulk or pout or be in a foul mood.  But I chose to say, “Okay, I’ll allow myself to go with the flow.”

Reflection: Are you allowing yourself to go with the flow of life?  Or do you observe that you are on the path of resistance?  Remember, what you resist persists.  Go with the flow and life will be easier for you.

To manifest abundance, you need openness to embrace your mistakes, failures or the imperfection of things and see that life is full of endless possibilities.

After the shoot, I remarked with a groan, “I looked so stiff and tense.  And why in the world did I do a monkey dance?  I truly do not like it when we do not plan.  Why do we always have to be spontaneous?  Can you promise that our next shoot will be with planning?”   I fidgeted and moaned while Daisy laughed at my outburst.

“You did fine!  Actually, it was so very real.  I like it better this way.”  She then told me she will place some annotations as to what was going on in my head while the whole thing was going on.

And viola, when I saw the final version, I found myself laughing and laughing.  The seemingly awkward me became a comic of sorts; but hey, it depicted what is real for most of us.  I was simply amazed. I then discovered that life is indeed full of possibilities.  You can actually come up with something wonderful if you are just open to anything.

Reflection: What did you think of the video?  Did you like the dubbing exercise?  Are you more aware now that openness is one of the keys in manifesting abundance?

Life is full of loving abundance.  Be open and it will manifest more and more.

By: Michelle Simtoco

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19 Responses to Openness in Manifesting Abundance with Endless Possibilities

  1. Dottie says:

    Michelle,I know how you must have felt. I am a planner too. You look scared to death in the video and I was scared to death for you. You were so brave my sis and I have and am learning so much from both you and Daisy. I think I’m scared of Daisy now j/k. I know for sure she is so, open, open… Great job Daisy! Thank you both so much! {{{hugs}}}

  2. I enjoyed the video and the lessons learned. Facing one’s fears can be daunting but if successful will free us from our self limiting beliefs. Thanks for this wonderful write up! :)

  3. Marie says:

    Hi, Michelle:

    The annotations in the video were hilarious because I can relate, and your facial expressions made it come to life. LOL! I am not one who likes to be up front, and I think my heart would be doing extra pounding in having to perform in front of a camera or audience.

    So, what did I learn from Daisy’s hub, the dubbing exercise and your article? :::thinking:::::::::::::::
    ::::::hand under chin like “The Thinker” statue::::::::::::::::::::::::: :) I was reminded to be to be spontaneous, to think outside the box, to have courage, and above all to go with the flow. Going with the flow implies implicit trust in oneself and the infinite potential the God/universe affords us.

    Thanks for this, nice focus for my day.


  4. Daisy says:

    Angel Dottie I was really laughing out loud when I read the part about you being scared of me hahahahahaha. I often get that reaction from people when they know it’s their turn for a one on one session in acting exercises I conduct in between rehearsals. I guess my commanding voice alone scares them. Oh it would be awesome if we do get the chance to do theater games with you when we all meet. Just thinking about it excites me much. Don’t worry it will be fun and exciting and I will make sure to be gentle with you. Hugs and blessings:)

  5. Daisy says:

    You are most welcome and may you come again soon. Blessings:)

  6. Daisy says:

    Hi Marie, you may not know it but you have this funny side of you too. Your spontaneity in writing down your description of the thinker statue reveals much of how you can do comic acts as well.LOL. Thank you for allowing yourself to be funny. I believe you often let your hair down around Phil which keeps your relationship exciting and interesting. I can’t help but smile visualizing the two of you in those tender funny moments. May you continue to flow in loving abundance. Love and light. Hugs:)

  7. Marie says:

    Daisy: Wow, I don’t remember telling you that I let my hair down with Phil, but that is exactly how we both are. Since we do not suppress each other’s spirit, the little girl in me comes out to play, and she is silly and fun without worrying I am going to be criticized. I never experienced this with anyone be it friend, family or relationship. I even skip in the park. LOL! He also as serious as he looks, and deep thinker that he is, is totally himself with me.

    You are a great teacher, this I can see. You encourage total expression, and that is a blessing, you are sharing of yourself with others!

    Love and hugs,

  8. Michelle says:

    Dottie: Your comment made me laugh out loud. You are a true sister to be scared for me. HUGS! :) I used to be really scared of Daisy but her willingness to accept me for who I am allowed me to relax into myself. That is the gift found in our friendship of which I am blessed. As for you being scared, well, we just can be scared together! Just kidding sis. I’m sure you will have fun! And so will we!

  9. Michelle says:

    Dynamic Minds: You hit the nail on the head with your observation. :) Many thanks for dropping by to leave a comment.

  10. Michelle says:

    Marie: As I read your comment and exchanges with Daisy, I was smiling and grinning. How beautiful it is to be able to be ourselves (like skipping in the park) and not have to put on masks right? I can also be like this with Daisy and I thank her for this constantly. I can imagine you and Phil (with his serious look) having fun. It would be wonderful to meet both of you someday. :) Keep on being spontaneous, thinking out of the box, having courage and going with the flow of life. You are a wonderful teacher, friend and student of life! Love and blessings to you Marie! :)

  11. Sue says:

    Michelle: So very right about openness, letting it flow shows in the video, planned can seem fake and superficial. There is nothing superficial about any of this. To teach being open and flowing we have to be open and flow so others can “see” how it is done. You accomplished that so very well, keep being spontaneous it is wonderful.

    Thank you also for sharing as this is the experiences I have been having. Going with the flow, being open and allowing can be very scary, and the only thing standing between us and the place of abundant living and love is ourselves. In under 3 weeks I have let go of the home I spent 3 yrs building and have only lived in 1 yr where I thought I would be living out the remainder of my life. Without a specific plan only letting it flow I am moving this week 2 states away, and as you know preparing to open an alternative healing center, sanctuary and so much more. I have found myself on many occasions questioning the process and letting fleeting glances of fear and doubt in the nearby shadows affect progress. I don’t have a plan per say, but I like you believe in the flow, I don’t have to know the answers, I just have to believe the Universe does, connect, listen, and flow and all things will manifest even better than with a plan……Just like your video!

  12. Michelle says:

    Hi Sue, it was a wonderful and lovely surprise seeing your comment here. Openness to allow oneself to be in the flow is a challenging thing and yet freeing! LOL I thank you for sharing your heart and thoughts here seeing how you are doing this yourself–facing the fear and moving onward with belief, courage and love. I visited your website and found it inspiring and healing. I send you my warm regards as I see your alternative healing center coming to life. Blessings. :)

  13. Daisy says:

    Hi Marie, oh you and Phil have a beautiful relationship. May you continue to let your love flow freely and allow each other to be as the other so desires. I am blessed with the power of your love for each other. Thank you for sharing and inspiring people. Hugs:)

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