Manifesting Dreams To Empower People


Manifesting dreams to empower people began a month ago. Michelle and I began a Training and Mentoring Program for young artists who wished to learn how to professionalize their respective crafts. This was something we have dreamed of doing but never got to put it into action not until I had a mild stroke.

Let’s say, we finally realized that we needed to act on our dreams before it was too late. We decided to bring into fruition our desire to equip artists in our city with enough knowledge and skills to professionalize their respective crafts. It’s not a free program because we want to empower members to create an abundance mindset that they have the capacity to invest in themselves to increase their market value and boost their earning potential.

However, the training and mentoring program fee for one year is only at little over 15% of our actual professional fee and negotiation and online promotional services. It is a gift to our fellow artists. It is a program that will definitely empower artists who are seriously considering using their passion as their profession. We call the program the Performing Arts Creative Elite or PACE and members as Pacesetters.

Manifesting Dreams

PACE Pioneering Members

Yesterday I had some one-on-one session with 2 of the 25 participants  and I am glad to know that they value the project customized for their needs. As one pointed out “I feel thankful, because in only four sessions, I feel I have learned lessons worth one semester of college.” While the other quipped “I don’t understand it, but every time I’m in the workshop I feel alive and energized and happy. It’s like therapy for me.”

Now, any mentor hearing this kind of feedback would be elated, and we were and how! Manifesting dreams to empower people is now in full throttle. It only affirmed the fact that our decision to manifest our dreams at this point in our lives was worth it all. We have big dreams for the participants and we are doing our best to find ways to manifest these dreams.

Producing quality musical theater productions in the city would cost over 3 million pesos, considering the fact that we would like to pay the artists for at least 4 months of rehearsals and standard professional fees for every show. This is something that our entertainment industry  has never considered in any musical theater production. The present practice in the entertainment industry is to give transportation allowances to performers during rehearsal days and giving honorarium to artists for every show. In other productions, artists are given a flat honorarium and given a number of tickets that they have to sell directly because the tickets are considered sold. This is one way the production could cover overall cost.

We would wish to be the first one to offer a professional package to local artists. However, we know we have to find enough funds to do that. We prayed to God to help us find a way to make this specific dream come to life.

Now we currently implementing business plans using online and offline strategies to open doors for supporting the project. We no longer wait for things to happen rather we create the scenario for things to happen while adding power to manifesting dreams to empower people designed to empower those who support the project.

We will soon launch the strategy and make it open to the public. Stay tuned because this strategy may be just what you’re looking for to manifest your own dreams.


Daisy Ba-ad



Daisy Ba-ad


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