Manifesting Abundance: Power of Positive Thinking

Manifesting Abundance Power of Positive ThinkingManifesting abundance is easy!  I declared aloud to no one in particular.  On second thought, I needed to say that aloud for myself to hear.  Masters and teachers have told us over and over that thoughts have power; and that the power of positive thinking can change our lives dramatically.

Do I really believe that a hundred percent? Can I truly say at this point in my life that I am using the power of positive thinking all the time?

Thought check: Hmmm…sometimes yes.  And sometimes no.  I have to be honest with you that there are days when I am not that positive.   Not all days can I draw forth within me that inner resolve to shift focus when things go awry.

But…but…but the wonderful thing is that I have improved a lot more than I was before years ago.  And so when I am almost about to beat myself with no good thoughts like, “there you again being a dumb ass” I catch it before it escapes my lips!  No, no, no you don’t!  And I snatch the thought and replace it with a more positive one!

I would then laugh aloud in triumph like a child playing a game of catch!  Well, I have decided to turn this into a game of sorts.  You know this makes it less of a struggle for me and less painful too.

Hear ye! Hear ye folks of all ages! This is my informal announcement to you and to the world at large that I have chosen to believe in manifesting abundance in my life.  And I begin this journey with a positive expectation that my life will tremendously be blessed in every moment of now.  This is a powerful example of positive thinking, right?  Right!

Yes, manifesting abundance is easy!  I declared aloud this time with more firmness and belief.  I desire to manifest abundance in my relationships, in my health and well-being, in my spirituality, in my finances, in my thoughts, in my emotions, in my work, in my writings, in this website and in making my dreams come true.

I write all of this with joy in my heart because the very first step for manifesting abundance is to know what you want.  And for me, everyday has become a discovery of this beautiful awareness, an unfolding of who I am.

manifesting-abundance-positive-thinkingAs you journey with me, as you read through the words and share in my experiences, it is my heartfelt wish that you may find your light and may it be your guide you as you too experience all the loving abundance that life has for you.

I declare for the umpteenth time:  manifesting abundance is easy!  Declare it now wherever you may be.

Michelle Simtoco

By:  Michelle Simtoco

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