I Love You, Message From a Loving Father God

I love you Loving AbundanceThe following is a message I received recently from Him who loves us all unconditionally and eternally – Father God. I was reluctant to publish this as I too still face unworthiness issues during challenging moments in my life. I still fall into the trap of asking if I was worthy enough to be God’s messenger of unconditional love. All my fears faded as I read His message again. I cannot deny the Father’s love for me and all of mankind.

If you found your way into this page then please read on for this message is directed to you.  It is God’s way of expressing Himself clearly to those who seek deeper understanding of His boundless love. Be blessed.i love you

Daisy Ba-ad

I love you Loving Abundance

I love you. Never think for one moment that I am offended with things that you do or choices that you make. I gave you that freedom. You are to use the gift in the manner you believe is best. I see no mistakes only steps you take to further understand love and life.

I love you. It does not matter if you dialogue with me only in moments of quiet desperation or sadness or confusion or even anger. I fully understand. I do not mind the tears for they refresh and cleanse you. I do not mind the questions for they help you grow in knowledge and wisdom. I do not mind the shouts for they allow you to release feelings that may affect your health. Go ahead. Express all the things you want. You can BE with me.

I love you. It’s okay if you think I’m responsible for all the unpleasant experiences you’ve gone through. I understand and you don’t have to explain anything. I know in the end you’ll see that those conditions provided you with a good venue to make necessary choices which paved the way for your fervent prayers to be answered. I know your spirit understands.  I believe in your wisdom.

I love you. I know you thought I abandoned you several times in your life. I don’t blame you. I know you simply didn’t see me then and I don’t take that against you. I just want to assure you that I never let you out of my sight. I was always there. I could not interfere with your choices but I made sure you were safe enough to continue learning more about life.

I love you. I don’t mind if you find that hard to believe. I know how hard it is to trust again after being betrayed by the very people you love. I’m familiar with the feeling. Take your time. You have more than enough time to trust again. I believe in you and the goodness you posses. I trust you and your capacity to love.

I love you. It doesn’t matter if you call me by different names or even if you call me names. I love you still.  It doesn’t matter if you belong to different groups. It doesn’t matter if you come from different cultures and races. It doesn’t matter if you carry out different rituals to honor me. I respect all your ways. All of you are equally important to me in any way and in all ways.

I love you. I can never cease to tell you that. I have always expressed my love for you in many ways and it’s perfectly fine if you have not recognized it. I know your spirit does.  I know your conscious mind will eventually see it, hear it and feel it. I await that day. There will be rejoicing I love you Loving Abundancein heaven and earth when that moment comes.

I love you. I too rejoice when you hear me clearly. I love dialoguing with you. I love sharing things with you. It’s okay if you can’t understand everything right away. I have no expectations of you. I do not need you to be perfect. I delight on who you are and what you are discovering about yourself. I have faith in your goodness. You are beautiful and you can never be otherwise.

I love you. I am energized every time I see you cheerful, happy and joyful. I love listening to your giggles, laughter and shrieks of enjoyment. I love seeing the glow in your face, the warmth in your smile and the twinkle in your eyes every time you feel all the love I send through different circumstances and people.

I love you. I take you as you are, where you are, how you are and why you are. You are perfect in my eyes. There is nothing you must do to please me or appease me. I seek nothing from you. I just want to love you. Everyday I wish to find more ways to express my love for you. I continue still to find the perfect way of telling you I love you.

I love you. I set no boundaries to loving you. You are free to be as I am free to be loving you more each day. We are free to be. We are free to be one. We are free to be love.

I love you. You are all that matters in life.


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21 Responses to I Love You, Message From a Loving Father God

  1. Thank you for sending this to me. Yes I was starting to have doubts on Hupages. Thank you for the uplifting message and at the end of the year even! What a great way to end a year and begin a new one. Love to you and you family and friends too.
    Lady Guinevere

  2. After skimming through your website I immediately bookmarked it. Keep up the good work!

  3. Amy says:

    This is so beautiful and your timing was perfect! I cannot begin to tell you how perfect the timing was that this “found me.” Thank you for sharing it and encouraging me on the eve of the New Year.
    Sending you a big thank you hug! :)

  4. Patricia says:

    This says it all. Thank you for including me as a recipient of this message.
    I wish you peace and love :)

  5. Well I found my way here so I believe this message is directed to me! Thank you Daisy for sharing about how great is “Our Father’s Love”. Very inspirational and while I was here I found some answers. I’m smiling and Now I feel better 😉 big hug for you Daisy! Thanks a lot.

  6. Daisy says:

    Hello Lady Guinevere,

    I’m thrilled to know it became an uplifting experience for you. Love truly has its way of making itself known to those who seek to understand its power.

    My best to you and your loved ones. Cheers to a beautiful life ahead!


  7. Daisy says:

    Hi Amy,

    My I am still overwhelmed by how Love moves. It does know when and how to express itself to those open enough to receive its perfection. I am happy to know Love has encouraged you to move further onward.

    My gratitude for allowing us to be part of your life. To love and life cheers!


  8. Daisy says:

    Hi Patricia,

    You are most welcome. Yes, the message does say it all. My best to you and your family too. May 2009 bring forth all the joy you so desire.

    God bless,

  9. Beautiful message and thank you for sharing with me.

  10. sheena robins says:

    I thought I left yo a comment but I wasn’t sure if it went through. So let me try writing it again.

    Thank you for sending me a message in my hub that lead me to this insightful blog. I love what you wrote, it was like an affirmation and you put words to what my soul cannot express but understood. If you do not mind I want to keep a printed copy for myself so when life gets tough, I will be reminded how much my father loves me.

    Sheena Robins

  11. countrywomen says:

    Thank you so much Michelle and Daisy for this wonderful hub about love. It is such a great gift for New Year. May your light and love spread to the whole world. Have a great year everyone. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    Countrywomen on Hubpages

  12. Daisy says:

    Hello JewelandtheSun,
    I’m truly glad you found the message valuable. May 2009 send you love abundant!

    Hi Sheena Robins,
    Go ahead and print and send the link to those whom you believe need to read that message as well. I’m happy the message has touched you deeply. God bless!

    Hello Dottie,
    I love you too. Isn’t Love just wonderful? Sigh Love just knows who to hug on the very day it wants to express itself. Hugs to you and your family:)

    Hi CountryWomen,
    You are most welcome and may Love always find its way into your every activity this 2009 and beyond. Much love to you and your family!

    Love you all,

  13. Hello, I am browsing the web for valentines day ideas and came across your website. good work.

  14. Michelle says:


  15. Ines Kincade says:

    Keep posting, I enjoy hearing what you have to say! I’m bookmarking this page. Do you have any other blogs?

  16. Luigi Kruss says:

    You have a new fan! I love your stuff here and will be back again.

  17. Very nice website.

  18. Family Law says:

    Yes, it is very good


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