Day 3 Exercise to Burn Calories

exercise to burn calories loving abundanceThis is Day 3 of my 90 days to a slimmer waistline- a slimmer and healthier me. The question pops every now and then. Do I really need to exercise to burn calories? Exercise to burn calories…I say the words aloud. I need to befriend these words. Exercise to burn calories. I repeat. I could feel my body resist a bit.

I remember I made a commitment to exercise daily! I have to remember I made that commitment because there are moments when I hear myself think, “Gosh I’m so exhausted at work today. Can I just skip exercising?” I had to bring my aunt to the doctor and I would arrive home later than usual. Temptations. Temptations. And it’s only Day 3! Imagine that! The commitment helps. The 90 day goal helps.

I push myself out of my comfort zone of wanting to rest and start exercising! I remember I need to exercise to burn calories. I laughed aloud at my silliness.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, we need to burn calories consistently. Dropping the bombshell now….cardiovascular exercise is a very, very important part of it all! Yes, we all want to put a pill in the mouth or deprive ourselves of food to shrink our stomach, lose our belly fat, and lose weight quickly! But if we want to keep healthy and maintain our weight or lose weight we must integrate exercise as part of our lifestyle. And that is exactly what I am trying to do. Building the habits of exercise and movement and enjoying it instead of being tortured by it!

Cardio Workout in a Nutshell:

A cardio workout is an exercise regimen that raises your heart rate. It is done around 20 to 30 minutes and even longer.

A cardio workout makes you really sweat and breathe hard; but not that hard that you are gasping for air or too out of breath to even talk.

A cardio workout could be done 5 or 6 days a week. But if you are new to exercising, you have to start slow maybe around 3 times a week. And then when your muscles are all geared up and used to the routine, increase the intensity of your workout and the number of times/frequency.

If you are working too hard, give your body a rest day too. Your body needs to recover also. But remember you rest only if you feel you are working your body too hard. I used to have a 3 times a week as my goal to exercise. I could follow it on certain weeks only. And there were moments it became once a week and eventually became no exercise! I was resting more than burning calories.

The more minutes you exercise, the more calories you are burning! You can exercise from 20 minutes to an hour. I am starting a 30 minutes a day program then moving on to 45 and finally an hour. But I am not rushing. I am listening to my body and allow it to get used to exercising once more.

This is not a race! It is building a lifelong habit of integrating exercise into your daily life. Be gentle with yourself by not hating yourself; and yet challenge yourself that you can do it!

Exercise to burn calories- bicycling

Samples of Cardio Workout or Calorie Burning Exercises
Brisk walking, running, swimming, aerobics, bicycling, skating, rowing
Any exercise or movement that causes your heart rate to go up!

Have you been exercising to burn calories?
If yes, good for you! Congratulations!
If no, then the time to start is now! Exercise to burn calories to a healthier and slimmer you!

By:  Michelle Simtoco

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