Healing a Broken Wing with Inner Dance

The Call of the Wind

As far as I can remember I began my career in “entertainment” before I even began school. I’d be propped up on a table with family and house guests surrounding me as I danced to any kind of music. The adults would clap their hands to the beat and cheer. The best part then was having coins thrown unto the table and I giggled in delight and swayed, jumped, turned every which way with glee. The elders were happy and I was happy and when the music stopped followed by a thunderous applause I’d be busy picking up the coins with a silly grin in my face.

This, I believe, was the memory that expressed itself in the first Inner Dance session I took with Pi Villaraza, founder of the Inner Dance healing modality. The moment I went into the space of surrendering myself to the process I began giggling and laughing and for the life of me I could not seem to stop. It went on for several minutes until I found my body reverberating with energy and doing all sorts of movements. The next thing I knew I was expressing things in a tribal chanting manner — very tribal manner like shrieking, yelping, screeching and then going into very deep low notes. Continue reading

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Waking Up to Unlimited Abundance after a Mild Stroke



Waking up to unlimited abundance after a mild stroke would be the best description of my healing journey now. At first glance, experiencing a mild stroke on my birthday seemed to be the end of the road of living a life of abundance. My initial thoughts were of fear – tremendous fear and worry and anger and frustration. I knew the alphabet, my name, my birthday, but I could not complete a sentence and stuttered along the way with words that came out wrong. Why now? Why on my birthday? Why after I published my first book? Continue reading

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Is the Way to Abundance Tricky or Easy?

If you were to ask me, “Michelle, Is the way to abundance tricky, rocky and difficult?” My answer would be, “Yes and no!”

It can be particularly tricky if you hate change.

It can be rocky if you get off focus and you choose to see the difficulties more than the blessings.

It can be difficult if you think it is difficult.

Get the drift?

But it can be easy if you think it is easy.

It can be a wonderful if you are willing to embrace change.

It can be awesome if you focus on the joy and the beauty instead of the burden and pain.

So what about you? Do you think the way to abundance is easy or difficult? Continue reading

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Manifesting Dreams To Empower People


Manifesting dreams to empower people began a month ago. Michelle and I began a Training and Mentoring Program for young artists who wished to learn how to professionalize their respective crafts. This was something we have dreamed of doing but never got to put it into action not until I had a mild stroke.

Let’s say, we finally realized that we needed to act on our dreams before it was too late. We decided to bring into fruition our desire to equip artists in our city with enough knowledge and skills to professionalize their respective crafts. It’s not a free program because we want to empower members to create an abundance mindset that they have the capacity to invest in themselves to increase their market value and boost their earning potential. Continue reading

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Loving Abundance Author Launches Kindle Edition Book

It took 50 years of life experience and two months of writing to finally come up with a book that allows me to celebrate my being and my relationship with God. Today I launch the Kindle Edition of my book to declare my freedom and boldly claim — I am worthy enough to be loved by a God Madly in Love with Me.

Continue reading

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